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Close-up of seashells on white sand beach

So happy to meet you!

I'm American and my husband Greg is Barbadian. We live in Barbados and, well, what's not to love? We awaken each morning to a view that stirs our hearts and brings us joy. We recently have started spending half our year in Portland, Oregon, where I have a new grandson (Greg says I've left him for a younger man :) who has my heart in his little hand.

Portland is a special city but our hearts will always consider Greg's home island of Barbados as our primary home. There's just too much to treasure. The sea, of course. But also the people ... really good folk. The food: Fish so fresh it's almost wiggling (I'll have seconds, please) ... And things to do besides the beach: Golf, witness a stately game of cricket, surf, stand-up paddle, sail, watch a horse race, hike, go on photography excursions and catamaran cruises, sample nightlife, go duty-free shopping, attend food and arts festivals, and so much more. Oh, yes, there's carnival every August ... bring it on! We also love being lazy, with no apologies.

Greg and I own two beachfront vacation rental properties in Barbados and I represent other owners' places as well, all of which you'll find on this site. All are at the sea's edge on the south coast of the island and all have amazing sea views. There's more: In less than five minutes' walk guests can find ten or more different restaurants (many offering seaside dining), shop at quaint little shops, get provisions to stock your condo's kitchen at a convenient market, and find beautiful white-sand beaches.

Family-friendly, honeymoon-romantic ... Barbados has more repeat visitors than any of the Caribbean islands. Come find out why.

Please write me anytime. I'd love to share *my* island with you!

Best wishes from paradise,
Jane Shattuck & Greg Hoyos


I invite you to contact me anytime!
Tel: 503-317-1578 (Jane) or 971-336-8902 (Greg)

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